GHOST Gamer Levels you UP!

GHOST GAMER was launched last year but in many people’s minds, it’s been a long time coming from GHOST Lifestyle Supplements. Naturally when you use nootropics in your products such as Alpha-GPC in GHOST pre workout Legend and to a lesser-known extent, Pine Bark in GHOST Pump, your mind starts to wonder “Just when is GHOST going to come out with a full-blown nootropic instead of another flavour of GHOST Whey protein?” After all the category has gotten huge traction over the last year, with other products popping up left and right targeting the gaming community, and many content creators on Twitch and YouTube like JGOD, Nick Mercs and even award-winning rapper Logic joining the list of people with discount codes and endorsement deals.

So, has GHOST Lifestyle Supplements delivered? The short answer is HELL YEAH!

Now here’s why – per full serving you are getting a whopping 500mg of Cognizin® Citicoline which is the most powerful form of choline o the market. How do I define powerful? How about having the most studies in humans to back up it’s choline boosting ability, leading to increased dopamine levels that help improve your mood, combined with enhanced focus capabilities so you keep your eye on your goal and your motivation levels high. Combine all that with lower chances of cognitive errors, meaning your mental calculations are more on the money so whether you are trying to drop sweats or bots left and right in Call of Duty: Warzone, or you are focusing more on your range of motion and technique in your lift, GHOST Gamer has you covered. Oh yeah, don’t let the name fool you, GHOST Gamer can raise your gym GAME 😉

Next up on the list you have something that is making waves in the industry, nooLVL®. This is a patented, non-stimulant ingredient that has shown to boost cognitive performance. Easy to see why this appeals to gamers. You’ve probably heard of Nitrosigine® right? Well nooLVL® is the next step up, combining inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (Nitrosigine®) with additional inositol to upregulates endothelial NOS (eNOS). Basically it increases nitric oxide levels which then leads to bigger veins and with bigger veins you get better transport of nutrients, hormones such as dopamine and oxygen to not only circulate your body but your brain too. This helps you think clearer and really improves clearance of any brain fog caused by stress or tiredness.

Then you have the time proven tyrosine which rapidly crosses the blood brain barrier to improve alertness, attention and focus. All this comes from its ability to improve communication between all the nerve cells in your brain. Think of it like upgrading your brain from 4G to 5G without Bill Gates microchipping you haha.

Combine all this with 150mg of natural caffeine to help with your focus but not so much you find yourself crashing after an hour, and with a powerful nutrient enhancement ingredient in Astragin® and what you have in your hands (and if you don’t you should do!) is one of the best nootropics on the market and doses that are actually used in research, instead of pixie dusted crap you see marketed all over the place. How do we know this? Because of GHOST supplements’ FULL DISCLOSER baby!


If you want to switch your mind on, focus better on work or studies, improve your score in games, or just write a better Tinder profile just in time for Valentine’s Day, GHOST Gamer is the product you not just want, but need.


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