ISO XP - Is this the Best Protein available?

Often, in-store or via social media or phonecall, we are asked here at T-Nutrition;

"What is the best protein?"

Now whilst we are firm believers that there is no best in each (well, most) categories within the sports nutrition market, it is pretty hard to discredit Applied Nutrition's ISO-XP as not being the best possible protein powder, quality wise, available; not only at T-Nutrition but also on the market, globally, period.

So therefore, for our latest blog post, I would like to Introduce to you Applied Nutrition’s ISO-XP 100% Whey Protein Isolate.⠀

🔹0g Sugar⠀
🔹0g Carbs⠀
🔹0g Fat⠀
🔹Soy Free⠀
🔹Gluten Free

🔹Lactose Free (well, although I will say that, the values are neligible, <100mg)

🔹100% Whey Protein Isolate source (so better then Concentrate!)
🔹1kg - 40 Servings & 2kg - 80 Servings
🔹1️⃣3️⃣ different flavours in total⠀
🔹Easy Mixing

🔹Easier to digest then Whey Protein Concentrate & most other protein sources.
🔹Whey Produced from Grass Fed Cows⠀
🔹Halal Certified Product⠀

ISO-XP is a high protein supplement with sweetener and by far the cleanest and highest quality Whey Protein Isolate available, with only 0.1g Lactose and 22.5g protein per 25g single scoop serving. ISO-XP has NO SOY added and instead uses Sunflower Lecithin as the emulsifier. Quality wise its a 95% protein by dry weight...In my 11 years in this industry I struggle to remember or find currently a protein powder that matches or surpasses that.⠀

ISO-XP is ideal for anyone looking to increase daily protein intake without any additional fats, carbohydrate or sugars. ISO-XP should be mixed with water but you can use milk for easy mixing and great taste - Tastes even yummier with milk 🤤 just bear in mind it adds calorific value.⠀

ISO-XP is rapidly absorbed, so the optimal times to use it are when you need protein fast. This includes immediately upon waking before breakfast, and immediately after exercise. After training, many athletes take a double serving (50g) as the body is able to process a larger amount of protein in its depleted state.⠀

🔹22.5g Protein (per 25g serving)⠀
🔹0.1g Lactose (per 25g serving)⠀
🔹0g Sugar (per 25g serving)⠀
🔹0g Carbs (per 25g serving)⠀
🔹0g Fat (per 25g serving)⠀
🔹Soy & Gluten Free⠀

Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop (approximately 25g) with 200ml of water or skimmed milk. Use 1-3 servings daily, depending on your protein requirements.⠀

The thing I find, that is most impressive about ISO-XP is its ability to be suitable for all goals. If your looking to lose weight - perfect! This is under 100 calories, so will certainly fit into your macros for that calorie deficiency you are trying to find daily...infact, it has lower calories then many "Diet Wheys" out there...which does make you question therefore what is the purpose of a diet whey if it is not the lowest calorific value possible in a protein....but thats another story for another blog post :)

It's suitable for athletes, tested for athletes, or for those looking to gain muscle. It's also great value for money I feel, and this is not a point that is often looked at by the industy for consumers....80 servings, as it is single scoop servings, is only £44.99 delivered....thats a cost per serving of only 56p!

When you put it like that, and given the above, how can you turn down giving the best protein available on the market a try?

Grab yours today here

#nothingbutthebest 💪🏻🔵⚪️💯⠀

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