Raze Energy Is Back In Stock

Finally we have got Raze Energy in. We had a few crates to trial it and it became a staff favourite. After a while of pushing to the upper management *cough Trev cough* haha, it is now back and comes in 6 flavours, with more to follow in the future. These are an in-store exclusive, so unfortunately you won’t find these online. Why? Fizzy drinks and rough couriers don’t go hand in hand, no matter how well I pack the cans.

Anyway, why do we like Raze Energy so much? Besides tasting awesome, it is a unique formula. Raze Energy is calorie free, sugar free, fat free and delivers 300mg opf caffeine per can, coming from a combination of caffeine anhydrous and caffeine citrate. Now, that caffeine citrate is what makes Raze unique. Caffeine citrate is 50% caffeine, with citric acid monohydrate, and sodium citrate dehydrate making up the other 50%. The combination of these 3 ingredients makes this source of caffeine hit faster. Whereas normal caffeine anhydrous starts to peak after an hour, caffeine citrate peaks in 30 minutes, making Raze Energy provide you with the energy you want when it is needed and rapidly.


Now there are some other ingredients in there, like alpha GPC, BCAAs etc, but honestly, energy drinks are about the caffeine, and if there were enough of the other ingredients in there to be efficacious, REPP Sports would have listed the amounts as a USP (unique selling point). So the amounts won't be anything writing home about.

So bearing in mind the reason we drink energy drinks, taste and caffeine, Raze Energy is a hit for us. Not only is a variety great, but the favouring is not too sweet like Hyde Power Potion, not too carbonated and there is no nasty aftertaste like NOCCO. If I were to compare them to another energy drink, I would say a higher caffeine version of 3D. They’re just enjoyable. Simply as that. Grab Raze Energy in-stores.

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