Your Time Is Now

It's nearly the New Year and I myself, as many of you, reflect on the last year. Getting here took a long time. I didn't travel worlds. I didn't travel countries. Heck, I didn't even travel footsteps. The journey was all done in the mind and even though the journey may not be impressive to measure physically, ask anyone who has made the same journey and they will say it is one of the toughest they've ever made. What is that journey? Acceptance and responsibility. Accepting that you are out of shape because of your own doing and then taking the responsibility to do something about it.

That is the hurdle so many of us fall over. We are so quick to blame others for our problems, our misgivings. “I was fed too much as a child”, “My partner never supported me” or “It’s my genetics, I’m just big boned.” How can we achieve our best, if we do not accept our worst? The weaknesses must be identified, only then can we work on overcoming then and reaching our potential. Becoming who we were meant to be.

A strong support does help, so it is important that your family and friends realise your goals, your determination and not just brush this off as “going through a stage” or “trying a fad diet.” But what if they can’t be reached, if they fail to take you seriously? Then use that to your advantage. Let their ignorance fuel your drive and prove them wrong.

Whether you make this journey with someone by your side, or you are a lone wolf bearing scars from battles fought without help, it is important you keep pushing - keep going no matter how slow, progress is progress.

Yes you will meet setbacks. You will come across people that will challenge your mindset and self worth. It is imperative that you fight back and defend your end goal. After all, you are your biggest critic, and once you learn to fight back against self judgement and give yourself the belief that you can accomplish so much more, then the power of what others think about you will diminish.

Raise that middle finger at them and keep matching to your own beat. No more excuses. Your time is now.

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