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Dino Tassigiannis

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Dino Tassigiannis staff

How did you get into fitness?

When I was 9 I contracted pneumococcal meningitis and when they did x-rays to check the damage done to my brain, they find an Arnold-Chiari Type II brain tumour. Long story short they messed up removing the tumour and I became a paraplegic. To build my strength up I started doing mental and physical therapy as well as hydrotherapy, and after what felt like forever I was able to do what I was told was impossible, move my legs. 

Years later I was big into professional wrestling and used to go on The Wrestling Channel forums a lot to pass time after school. There was a thread where two people were arguing over this thing I'd never heard of before called creatine. One guy was using it and the other was calling him a cheat for taking steroids. That sparked my interest to 1) know what creatine is and 2) who was right. So I started Googling creatine, read a few articles which lead to me bodybuilding forums. There for the first year I didn't post a thing but just read, read and read, soaking up whatever information I could. I saved up and bought a cheap weight set and started listing in my mums garden. After I finished school, I joined my first gym and went on from there. 

How did you become a part of T-Nutrition?

A friend of mine recommended I contact Trev after finding out he was expanding T-Nutrition. I had not long come out of a job in the fitness industry over what I can only describe as a bunch of nonsense and I was looking to stay in the industry I had fallen in love with in 2006. I started out working with US brands and even though I still had strong links in the States, I didn't fancy moving back to the US, especially when I had the biggest independent in the UK right on my doorstep to not only help grow further but make a name for myself too.

I had known of T-Nutrition for a few years by that point and was impressed by the growth. I would have met the guys a lot sooner at the Ronnie Coleman Liverpool store opening but I couldn't get the time off work. When I finally did meet Trev and the team, I could tell right off the bat that these guys were serious about making changes in peoples lives and actually providing knowledge to their customers instead of repeating bro-science like car salesmen. 

From design to ecommerce to formulation, my skills have grew a lot working here the last 4 years to the point where as part of T-Nutrition I have been hired as a consultant/NPD by some of the biggest brands in the world to help develop new products and designs for the UK/EU and even US market. 

Supplements I currently take (Updated: 05/07/2018)

Interesting Facts

  • Has a BA (Hons) in iMedia
  • Bilingual (English / Greek)
  • Former paraplegic
  • Has two tongues
  • Mentored by Jorge Betancourt
  • Has a left artificial hip
  • Broke his back aged 14

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