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Jord Fleet

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Jord Fleet staff

How did you get into fitness?

I’ve always been into fitness from an early age, played football from the ages 10-13 proceeded to play rugby between the ages of 14-18 but had always lacked the physical presence and was naturally very skinny as my understanding of diet and training was not up to scratch. I then started the gym at the age of 18 and for the first two years I pretty much learned and viewed from others, different training machines and what muscles group etc. This had a very positive impact on my lifestyle choices as many of my friends outside and inside the gym had progressed in physical appearance which motivated me and pushed me to learn from their perspectives! I qualified from my four year apprenticeship as a manufacturing engineer but wanted to peruse a different career in sports nutrition, currently in my second year of university studying sports and nutrition for health at LJMU. My training has a developed through the years of learning from different names within the industry which has aided my understanding in nutrition and training which is still ongoing today.

How did you become a part of T-Nutrition?

I first heard of T-nutrition at the age of 19 in which I went in to buy protein but didn’t understand the different concepts of protein at the time, I purely went of branding and packaging as you do to start with! I’ve always admired from that day the impact the company has had on many young girls and boys who are looking for guidance and information on supplements, which motivated me to work harder in my training and understanding of nutrition and training to be part of that team. Once the new shop was being done up I reached out to Trevor Goodwin (owner of T-nutrition) and simply expressed how excited I was for the team etc and how long term I would like to be apart of it and learn as much as I could alongside university. He took me on par-time alongside the big man Kort and I’ve learned so much yet so little as there is an awful lot still to learn but I’ve loved every second of being there!

Interesting Facts

  • Currently studying for his BSc (Hons) in Sport and Nutrition for Health
  • Deadlift PR 250kg 
  • Bench PR 160kg 
  • Squat PR 240kg

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