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Kayne McDonald

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Kayne McDonald staff

How did you get into fitness?

I got into fitness by stumbling across a hardcore training video of the great Ronnie Coleman. Soon as I seen the video of him squatting 800lbs I was hooked!

How did you become a part of T-Nutrition?

I was attracted to t-nutrition when I seen how fast the company was growing. I decided to email the CEO informing him on how much I wanted to be part of the team and become part of the growth, ever since that email I’ve been part of the team.

Supplements I currently take (Updated: 11/07/2018)

USN Blue Lab Whey 
ProSupps Hydro BCAA
Dedicated Relentless
Dedicated Intra
PES Prolific

Interesting Facts

  • Squat PR 260kg
  • Dead PR 260kg
  • Massive fan of diet soda and bodybuilding!

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