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Kort Cooper staff

How did you get into fitness?

Well, i was for some reason that i don’t know about OBSESSED about training from a very young age, i feel like im telling a lie when i say this to people but at age 14 i have a 2x4 piece of wood with two paint pots nailed at each end filled with water, and i was obsessed with lifting it, curling it, pressing it , then a neighbour seen me over the fence and said he had a set of weight he had inherited when he bought the house, and gave me them, then the real obsession started
I then became a personal trainer being level 4 qualified and begun a profession into helping people change their lives.

How did you become a part of T-Nutrition?

I was fortunate enough to be head hunted from the CEO Trev, i actually still remember the phone call like it was yesterday, stood outside Wetherspoons, as he knew me from being a regular customer in store at T-Nutrition.

I actually started part time 3 days a week, but on the other days i weren’t on the rota i came in for free to learn more and become more fluent in the job role.... within 3 years i am now the Vice President and can confidently say it paid off!

Supplements I currently take (Updated: 05/07/2018)

Interesting Facts

  • Huge obsession with learning and processing new information in and outside supplements
  • Educate as much as possible on @askkort instagram
  • Deadlift PR 320kg
  • Squat PR 310kg
  • Bench PR 200kg
  • Obsession with learning and progression in all aspects of life

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