The Enigma Behind Myostatin

Dedicated Enigma Myostatin Inhibitor

Dedicated have formulated a myostatin inhibitor which is causing a stir called Dedicated Enigma. Although it is an indirect way of myostatin, although the base of the product is the novel extract epicatechin.

Epicatechin is one of 6 Ingredients. Where I say indirectly, I will quickly break down how the process works.

What Does Dedicated Enigma Do?

Our body has myostatin, whose job is to control / slow down muscle growth, so we don’t grow too much muscle, I know who what’s that?!

But our body also helps us our by having follistatin, whose job is to decrease myostatin, which enables us to adapt to heavy lifting and adapt to our environment, otherwise we would all be very small and weak.

So it’s a constant fight, some naturally have a lot of follistatin or very few myostatin, this is usually the huge guys and gals walking around, because don’t be fooled, myostatin is a lot stronger than any performing enhancing supplements some may take.

If myostatin says you’re not growing muscle, you’re not growing muscle!

But Dedicated Enigma contains epicatechin which has shown to increase follistatin, which as explained above decreases the dreaded muscle growth inhibitor myostatin.

Dedicated Enigma: Research Backed

A study done on 7 humans of only 1mg of epicatechin per 1kg of bodyweight seen an increase of follistatin of 49.2%, which of course led to a myostatin decrease of 16.6%

So if you’re a large 200lb man or gal the proven dose would be 200mg per day, per 1 cap of Dedicated Enigma you are receiving 335mg! It is a 50 serving tub too so if you wanted 1 months worth and took 2 caps........ You can only imagine what that will do your myostatin!

But as i said before epicatechin is one of 6 ingredients, dedicated being dedicated don’t rest at just putting the best ingredients in there, they also help your body make the most of them.

Dedicated Enigma: A Complete Myostatin Inhibitor

Bioperine like described in my other article is usual at a 5mg dose, so dedicated being dedicated put 10mg of bioperine in to help your body make the most of the product.

Astragin at 50mg the clinical dose which helps the ingredients be fully absorbed through the intestine.

Coca-drol rich in flavonoids and alkaloids act extremely on beta 2 adrenoceptors stimulating fat loss and muscle gain! Also giving crazy pumps.

Quercetin a flavonoid which needs a whole different article for itself it has that many benefits of anti oxidation to blood flow.

And lastly green tea extract standardized 50% EGCG which also can inhibit myostatin and promotes Smad7 signalling.

Dedicated Enigma deserves its recognition for using such doses and ingredients and would make a great addition in any mass building program.  

Dedicated Enigma Review

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