The Benefits of Ashwagandha have been widely touted by both T-Nutrition Staff AND customers within the last few months - check out our video below from the best in the industry @theguerrillachemist & Trevor explaining in detail as to why this ingredient should be a staple of any serious athletes supplement plan.

But, just incase you didn’t know, here are a few brief reasons from CLINICAL STUDIES as to why Ashwagandha should be part of your supplement stack

- Ashwagandha is an anti oxident
- It has anti-inflammatory properties
- It has been shown to help combat anxiety & stress
- It enhances brain function
- It Induces Fat Cell Death
- It fights infection
- It has anti cancer properties
- It’s a neuroprotective
- It promotes heart health
- It’s an anti-diabetic
- It’s been shown to reduce pain & fever
- It has been shown to improve fertility
- It has been shown to promote bone health
- It’s been studied to reduce autoimmune disease risk & respiratory problems
- It’s good for the liver
- It protects the gut
- It protects pancreatic cells
- It protects Kidneys
- It helps skin
- It helps muscle growth
- It has anti ageing properties

It's Just £19.99 for 60 capsules, which is 60 days (2 months) full supply at the 600mg clinical dose a day.

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