GHOST Legend on Ask Kort

GHOST Legend on Ask Kort

A very highly anticipated product by GHOST landed in store at T-nutrition, and I am impressed to say the least!

99% of the time in this supplement industry, when something looks great, social media is fantastic and marketing is on point, it’s very rare the product is insane too.

But GHOST really have nailed it with this one bringing great marketing, great look, great demand and most importantly, innovation!

Now don’t get me wrong, in my opinion when it comes to pre workout, i don’t believe there is a best product, it is VERY subjective as to who is taking it.

I could sit And argue how amazing GHOST Legend  pre workout is, for hours, how many points i like about it, but if the person i am talking to wants to get off their face and visit another dimension where he can bench press unicorns then GHOST Legend isn’t for him.

Now ii m talking to a new comer into the pre workout world, or maybe someone who’s had a bad experience with a very strong pre workout like crimson for example (where you can actually bench press unicorns) , they will want a nice smooth kick of energy with no come down, something that will aid endurance and a good pump.

So you’ll never hear me say “this is the best pre workout” because there’s too many variables.

But you will hear me talk about points i like about pre workouts, and if they happen to appeal to you and what you want from a pre, then happy days!

So onto the points i do like about GHOST Legend.

Something you’ll hear me talk a lot about in the next couple months.

Citrulline, i like the way GHOST have opted for citrulline instead of citrulline malate.

I LOVE Neurofactor increase BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor) levels by 143% in humans!

Which helps the the development and protection of neurons

so it provides a lovely type of focus with no come down

Theobromine is also a very good ingredient I love! As seen in dedicated relentless and also notably in Total war from RedCon1.

It has similar structure as caffeine and derived from coffee beans but doesn’t hit like caffeine does, theobromine provides much more of a longer smoother effect safeguarding from any come down, shakes, jitters or any unpleasant feeling

Nitrosogine (arginine silicate) a much more bio available form of arginine as if you know me i am probably arginine’s biggest hater haha but arginine silicate is much better of a version that will aid in a great pump!

So like I said, certain extracts to aid in smooth long stim with great pump and no come down, tastes great like it looks and will certainly be a brand that will stay around and only get more popular

I shall address my favourite of the GHOST line in my next article (which i will go nerdy as f*ck on)

Until then I hope you are having a great day

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