GHOST SIZE is here to Rule


The main product from the GHOST line for me. The pre is good (subjective*), the amino has its unique benefits, BUT GHOST Size is the one product for me i could not wait to try.

People ask me, is it a creatine formula? And I reply "well yeah but it is an actual ‘size’ product."
I think products like this will become more and more popular over the next year or so, as anyone can get some creatine mono, whack a label on the tub and sell it for its amazing benefits, but when there’s ingredients that work like creatine, possess the same positive attributes or work synergistically with creatine then why not?!

Plus it allows us formulators to think outside the box and come up with great formulas to have a big effect on people.

The first thing I noticed and like about this product is it listed yielded creatine, not just having 5g creatine, 5g of yielded creatine,
monohydrate, HCl, MagnaPower, etc etc are all creatine bonded to a molecule so doesn't actually yield 100% creatine. It is quiet rare that companies list yielded amounts, as to reach a clinical amount of yielded creatine they will need to put more of the ingredient in (don’t know how many times I've said the word yielded here haha).

So GHOST Size contains 5g of actual creatine which comes from two sources, 3.21g monohydrate (containing 2.5g actual creatine) and 2.81g creatine hcl, which is worth a note, alot more potent than monohydrate at relative doses and alot easier on the digestion side too.

This will drastically improve power, strength and endurance allowing us to lift heavier weights for longer in our gym session, it does this by donating a phosphate bond to ADP to turn it back to our cellular energy ATP. Basically, if you train with weights, you should be taking creatine.

Then its a clinical dose of betaine anhydrous at 2.5g, studies done at 1.235g x twice a day in subjects with a average training time of 4.8 years seen over 5lb+ of lean muscle built and over 6lb+ of fat loss ! it helps with your bodies production of its own creatine, converts a health biomarker in homocysteine into cystine , also like creatine acts as a potent osmolyte, drawing water into your muscle cells creatine a hyper hydrated and pumps muscle!

Onto 2g beta alanine, ‘the itchy one’ although at 2g you should be fine, beta A increases endurance by buffering lactic acid out our muscles, allowing us to delay the onset of the burn and recover faster, worth of note, BA saturation is around 170g+

Next up ‘the builder’ a really really cool ingredient called epicatechin, we will call it ‘epi’ for now to decrease the chances of me spelling it wrong haha.

So we have two things, follistatin and myostatin, myostatin controls and slows our bodies ability to grow muscle, follistatin is our friend and refers to the opposite, more follistatin = decreases myostatin , so what does ‘epi’ do? Increases follistatin, so we have a huge reduction in myostatin which allows our bodies to make more muscle!#

In studies done of 1mg epi per lb body weight seen 49.2% increase in follistatin which led to a 16.6% decrease in myostatin ..... in only 7 days !!!

The benefits of epi don’t stop there... how about

  • increased nitric oxide 
  • blood glucose regulation 
  • ldl cholesterol improvements 
  • in studies blood serum of nitric oxide where elevated by 54%

Such a great new ingredient !

Then ........ My favourite; 
If you follow my social media youll know what im about to say next
astragin ! every product imo should contain something to increase the absorption, either bioperine or astragin should be in 99.99999% of products #.

Take away all the other ingredients outside creatine and astragin increases the absorption of creatine by 33% ! so just astagin alone makes this product at least 33% better than your normal standard creatine product.

I often say, i cant give a product or brand a bigger compliment than to include it into my supp stack, but GHOST Size is 100% in ! pre workout wise, cant wait to document results !
any questions, please fire them over to my social media @askkort or @t-nutrition .

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